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Let me ask you a question… What would it be like if your business was able to get new clients on demand with ability to scale that marketing to a level you never though of? Would you have to back off and pull back on the marketing or would you have to hire more or put systems in place to handle the lead flow? Not a bad problem to have. Contact us now for your Free unique detailed marking plan made specifically for you and your business.

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Hampton Roads Digital

Hampton Roads is known for its large military presence, shipyards, coal piers, and miles of waterfront property and beaches, all of which contribute to the diversity and stability of the region's economy. Because of this we have been very fortunate to be able to speak with individuals from all across the country. Our company strives to bring the strength of a big company feel but with a personal touch.  Our team of professionals have put a simple process in place that puts your Business, Product, or Service in the Direct Path of your PERFECT Potential Customer.


Our team does extensive research on your business and extracts the data that allows us to tap into hoards of potential clients for you and your business.


We then take that data and apply it to our 3 step marketing system which places you in the direct path of your Ideal Client and positions you to have a Maximum ROI.


As a result of our Research and Implementation your business or services are poised for Maximum Exposure allowing for Maximum results.

Building Your Business Has Never Been Easier

With Our 3 Step Proven Marketing Method We Are Landing New Clients For Businesses Like Clockwork!

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Brian Leffel

Hi, my name is Brian Leffel, I am a veteran of the Gulf War and with my 25+ years of experience being a business owner and manager I have developed a successful working relationship with all of my customers. I am really excited about this opportunity with Harpeth Digital because I am able to extend my knowledge and expertise to clients across the country.

Brian Leffel II
Co-founder / COO

Hi, my name is Brian Leffel II and I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology with a minor in Business Management which I attained online. Along with my years of experience running and managing a business I’ve had the privilege of interacting with various customers from all across the country either in person or over the phone. I am looking forward to this very exciting business opportunity with Harpeth Digital.