HRD Email Marketing | Max My Customers

Email marketing to your exact qualified prospects in your exact area from our 200 million email data base.

One-time data fulfillment fee of is required.

Every business wants more customers!

Max My Customers markets your business to your exact qualified prospective customers. We begin the engagement by determining what makes a great customer for your business. We filter our 200 million email database (using 325 demographic and geographic filters) for 20,000 qualified prospects.

Unlike do-it-yourself email programs, we do all of the heavy lifting:

  • Create custom email templates with your logo, colors and messaging.
  • From our database, we identify the exact qualified prospects that you are looking for.
  • Launch marketing campaigns to 20,000 or more qualified prospects each week.

Imagine delivering your message to 20,000 qualified potential customers, in your designated area, every week!

  • 96% of consumers have made buying decisions from Email Marketing.
  • Max My Customers is the only offering of this kind! We are the only company that offers email marketing for businesses with a qualified, targeted lead list at this price point.
  • Max My Customers is the only company to make Big Data Marketing available to small and medium size companies.
  • FORBES Magazine reports Targeted Email Marketing is the be return on investment.


Who is a good prospect for MMC email marketing?

Any business that has a product or service with more than $100 sale price or has reoccurring sales to a new customers.

What should I expect after I order? (SLA)

Once Max My Customers is activated:

  1. Through a Business Center notification and/or email invitation, schedule the required 30 minute prospect profile call.The purpose of the prospect profile call is to determine the desired lead type and specific geographic area to target.
  2. With this information, the Max My Customers team begins filtering a targeted marketing list and starts to build the custom email template and landing page.
  3. Within seven to ten business days from the prospect profile call, the program will be launched assuming a quick turnaround of edits and approvals from you.
  4. Hot leads will be delivered within the first month!

How do I know that MMC will have enough qualified prospects for my client to market to?

With over 200 million email addresses nearly always we have plenty of data. However, if it is a very rural location you can ask support to run a preliminary data count.

Is there anything required of me after the sale?

We will need your assistance in roughing out the copy of six short emails about your client’s business, using our examples. Required time approximately 30 minutes

Who can I contact for technical support?

In the rare occasion you require support it is available at

I already do email marketing, how is this different?

Most likely you are email marketing your existing customers and/or people who already know you. Our program introduces you to 20K qualified prospects who don’t know your business.

Where do you get these email addresses?

We work with data aggregators who gather information from different sources, and all data is 100% CAN SPAM compliant.

How long does it take to get started?

We typically deploy the first email of your program in about a week after purchase.

What are the country and language parameters?

Max My Customers is available in English for the United States.

How do I know my emails from the program won't end up in spam folders?

We can’t guarantee that 100% of our emails get through, but we use the very latest in SPAM and rendering testing and our deployment computers maximize delivery.

How quickly will the program start after ordering?

The typical setup period is seven to ten business days, but this assumes you schedule your Prospect Profile call quickly and you turn around approvals timely.